This video is an interesting introduction to CLI and to northern Laos. Professionally produced by David Eberhardt, it has some beautiful images of northern Luang Prabang Province and the rural Lao as the appealing folks they are.

Introduction to CLI and Northern LaosBut it is several years old, so a bit dated on some of the project descriptions and doesn’t include some things CLI does now. It does illustrate some of the CLI approach and most of the staff members shown are still with CLI, though all of them, myself excluded, look a bit older now. Enjoy.

And hey, slow yourself down enough to enjoy it. Yes, it is 25 minutes long. No apologies for that. Tired of being told people can’t possibly spend more than 5 minutes looking at a video. If you have any interest in Laos at all, try to get yourself sufficiently Lao not to think that 25 minutes is a big block of time.

The Lao do not hurry. They will tell you that the official name of the country, Lao PDR (People’s Democratic Republic) actually stands for Please Don’t Rush.

So relax, and enjoy this brief video visit to Luang Prabang Province, Laos.

- Robert Anderson, CLI founder and International Director

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