Get involved

Get involved

If you are like us and truly believe poverty can be solved if we all pull together why not get involved! You really can make a difference, no matter how small …it does add up, and makes you feel GREAT!

We understand how easy it is to overlook and forget about the struggles that people far away face each day, just because we can’t see them, even as you are reading this.

But getting aid to children in need relies directly on your kind donations, and we can honestly tell you it is much appreciated by the children and people of Laos who have been unnoticed for far too long.

For those who would like to do some good, and take action we have listed some easy ways you can get involved below:

  • Be a HERO and create your very own online fundraiser for CLI using our fundraising partner Razoo. It’s amazingly simple to do, as we have already done the hard work for you. Just click here to get started (but if you do require assistance we would be pleased to help). Just imagine, if only 1000 people around the world managed to raise $10 each from 20 of their friends – that equates to a new library boat built and funded for an entire year! …What if it was $20?
  • Have a bake day and cake sale – who doesn’t like cake?! Not only are you helping the kids in Laos, you are bringing your local community closer together and spreading happiness, and we could all use some extra happiness right?
  • Hold a raffle at a local event – this is another great way to raise funds, and if the event is big enough, it a great opportunity for local businesses to get cheap advertising by donating a prize towards it.
  • For corporations – why not organise a donor trip? Put your tax excess to good use and combine a holiday with a team building trip. It not only gives you and your staff memories that will last a lifetime, it pulls your team together on a whole new level, but more importantly gives something back.
  • Visiting Laos on your travels? Pop in to see us at the centrally located Luang Prabang Library, and offer a few hours of your time to teach English, or French or another language to the ever eager children and monks who attend daily.

Furthermore with a kind donation you can also take a trip on one of our Library Boats, and take part in our world famous and life changing learning activities at village schools, or at one of our Learning Centers.

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This month CLI is launching our third Lao Children’s Library Boat. Bigger and faster, it will carry more books and reach villages further upstream on the Mekong River. It will be big enough to also contain tables, and will include solar panels to allow children to read and learn into the evening. We are urgently [...]