School construction

School construction

Not all CLI construction projects target schools. We also do a limited number of village water and sanitation projects etc. But most of what we build is school-related.

We build:

  • Village primary schools of 2-4 rooms.
  • Lower secondary (grades 6-9) classrooms.
  • School libraries (unfortunately very rarely).
  • Dormitories at district high schools for students (primarily for girls) from remote villages, who must live by school.
  • School water systems, toilets and showers.

In Laos there are large ongoing school construction programs, funded by grants and loans from international entities like the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. So why does a little NGO like CLI do school construction?

School constructionThe big programs funnel all money through the government structure and some of it disappears at each level. The programs use contractors, leading to substantial corruption around contractor choice and more money disappearing.

Often contractors choose where to build with a preference for less rural (let alone remote) locations because there will be more profit in doing easier locations.

Due to CLI’s relatively long history in Laos we have gained respect by village elders which has enabled us to more easily build exactly where the project is needed and in the most cost effective manner possible.

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Thursday 8 May 2014

CLI has just completed another dormitory for girls from remote villages, so they can continue their education beyond village primary school. This dorm is at the Lower Secondary School at Keng Khene village. We hope to find funds to build two more dorms in the next 12 months. To find out more about our dormitories [...]

New library boat for Lao children!

Thursday 1 May 2014

This month CLI is launching our third Lao Children’s Library Boat. Bigger and faster, it will carry more books and reach villages further upstream on the Mekong River. It will be big enough to also contain tables, and will include solar panels to allow children to read and learn into the evening. We are urgently [...]